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            My philosophy of teaching begins with student engagement and maintaining that engagement throughout the day as we discover each subject.  To obtain this engagement I will incorporate music, movement, hands on activities and real-life applications in my lessons.  I use informal as well as formal assessments to identify students who are at risk or gifted and adjust lesson plans to meet the need of all students.  I use every moment in the classroom for learning by incorporating differentiated teaching and cooperative grouping.

            Students should be treated with respect and it is my responsibility to ensure this respect is upheld in my classroom. I ensure my classroom is a place of positivity where every student can learn in a safe environment. Students will be encouraged to challenge new ideas, ask questions, and think critically. Students are challenged to move outside their comfort zone to reach above and beyond what was once thought unachievable.

            Physical and emotional safety is a priority in my classroom. I provide the utmost diligence implementing the school safety policies and procedures in my classroom.  I instruct students on scenarios where physical and emotional safety may be at risk, and therefore how to deal with these circumstances.

My classroom management style enforces positive behaviors in the classroom, while maintaining routines students expect. I look to find the positive attributes in my students and highlight those instead of focusing on the negative. I use the book, “Have you filled a bucket today?” to emphasize the importance of creating happiness wherever you are and asking the question, “am I filling a bucket today or taking from someone’s bucket?” This question holds true for me as the teacher and students.

Finally, the impact I leave on my students will last a lifetime. I will teach them strategic ways to learn, help them grow academically and emotionally, help them create new positive memories about school, and be there to lift them up when they fall. Students will leave my classroom, every day, with the knowledge they are important to me and I value them.